Independent Solicitor

It is not compulsory to hire a solicitor if you want to buy property in Turkey, but since it is a lengthy process with a lot of important transactions a cautious buyer will consult a solicitor with a legal knowledge of both the UK and Turkish legal systems who will provide advice on legal, financial and power of attorney matters. Our firm also provides services such as to carry out due diligence on:

  • The official records of properties from Land Registry offices
company registration records at the Chambers of Commerce

  • financial viability of a company
- who owns a particular property
  • to ensure there are no encumbrances, charges, mortgages on the property
- whether a property has been correctly built with all the necessary licenses

Our firm can do all the necessary searches and make the relevant checks to ensure you are buying property the legal way. It’s worth noting that if you have a good English-speaking solicitor you won’t need to employ an interpreter.

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English, French and Portuguese Re-mortgages

Thank you for completing complex mortgage repayments simultaneously in three countries. David and Stefano were excellent, remaining calm and efficient in trying circumstances. I was very satisfied with their service, and would not hesitate to use Kobalt Law again.  

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