Costs and Fees

1. Legal fees: Usually lawyer’s fees average between 1%-2% of the purchase price.

2. Surveyor and Valuation of the Property: His fees depend on the object of the sale. A surveyor is not always necessary. The Purchaser’s lawyer will inform his client whether a surveyor is necessary or not.

3. Transfer taxes: Taxes must be paid before registering the purchase at the Land Registry office. The transfer tax when buying a re-sale property varies depending on the Estate of the Mexican territory.

4. Notary fees and Land Registry fees: Notary fees are fixed by an official scale and both notary and land registry fees vary according to the size of the property and its value. A good way to estimate the approximate total costs involved in buying a re-sale property is to apply 10% of the purchase price.

5. Permission from Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently £550 pounds (In case of a trust in the Restricted Zone)

6. Setting fee plus the annual fees to the Trustee Bank, varies from bank to bank. (In case of a trust in the Restricted Zone)

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English, French and Portuguese Re-mortgages

Thank you for completing complex mortgage repayments simultaneously in three countries. David and Stefano were excellent, remaining calm and efficient in trying circumstances. I was very satisfied with their service, and would not hesitate to use Kobalt Law again.  

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