International Family Law

The team at Kobalt Law LLP specialises in International work. We have the experience and connections to help you benefit and we will give you all the help you will need to resolve the international aspect of a family dispute. We will give you step by step advice and with this we are able to guide you through your divorce, to ensure every aspect of, it is taken care of, world wide.

One of the most fundamental aspects is in deciding in which country any family law proceedings should take place. We will find this out or if more than one, we will advise you on the better country to issue proceedings in. It is not automatically better either in England or in one’s home country. This invariably requires urgent action and quick decisions.

Just because you married abroad does not mean that the divorce proceedings need to be pursued abroad. Equally, although you married in England, it might be better to divorce in another country,with which there is a connection.

Our International Family Law services include:

  • International Divorce including the financial aspect & the enforcement of Orders over assets abroad.
  • Forum Choice
  • Child Abduction
    and right to remove
  • Articles, publications & updates.
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