Probate and Mental Capacity

What is Probate?

Probate is the procedure for obtaining public recognition of the last Will of a person who dies leaving assets in England and Wales. It authenticates the right of the executors named in it to assume their role. In the absence of a Will, the court will authorise people to administer the estate in accordance with the rules of intestacy laid down by statute.

Poor administration of an estate can lead to liability claims against the executors or administrators. The administration is a time consuming process which often involves complex issues. Let Kobalt help you to ensure the testators wishes are complied with and personal liability is minimised.

Have you been left out of a will?
You may be eligible to make a claim. There are certain requirements that have to be met in order to make such a claim. Kobalt can help you establish whether you are eligible.

What is Mental Capacity?
Take control of your future before your future takes control of you. Contact us for further information or advice. Click here 

Can we help with your Probate issues?
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