Notarial Services

Public Notaries are specialised lawyers who prepare, authenticate and keep records of the due execution of legal documents for use in foreign countries.

In England and Wales, the particular function of Public Notaries is to verify documents for use abroad.

The fact that it is the Notary’s role is to authenticate or verify legal documents, he/she has to  be completely impartial and his/her first duty is not simply to his client but to all who place reliance on his Notarial acts and certificates.

Due to most notarised documents being used abroad, all Public Notaries have training in foreign laws as well as English law.

At Kobalt Law LLP, we work closely with Notaries, who allows us to offer an in-house service to our clients, within our offices.

When using our Notaries, you can be assured that you are dealing with Notaries who have particular expertise in preparing notarial acts in foreign languages and in accordance with the laws prevailing in foreign countries.

For Notarial Services please contact us on 0207 739 1700.

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