Financial Settlements

Kobalt specialise is unravelling both simple and highly complex financial disputes between parties. Our approach is always to seek an early resolution, whether it is a small financial settlement or a high net worth individual.

Our team does not adopt a regimented approach when resolving financial disputes, we are experienced in adapting to a style that best suits the client and the situation. We are able to read the situation to ensure that we tackle the settlement in the best way possible, whether that is a calm approach or whether strong negotiations and sharp action involving the courts is needed. Kobalt is experienced in getting the best out of a bad situation.

Divorce and Financial Settlements

To ensure a successful result it is key that Kobalt has a full and clear understanding of both parties’ financial position and all assets. Once this disclosure stage is completed and values have been agreed the negotiations can begin and a settlement can be reached.

Because of the expertise of the various members of the firm and connections in over 50 countries, we are experts at such cases.

When a marriage or dissolution of a civil partnership occurs courts have a range of powers regarding the financial settlement, including areas such as:

  • Maintenance payments
  • Property ownership
  • Lump sum payments
  • Pensions

Financial settlements on divorce are also heavily influenced any children involved in the case. The primary concern for the court is the welfare of children. In addition the court will also consider income levels, savings, housing requirements, the length of the marriage or civil partnership, your health and any other factors which affect the case.

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