Relationship breakdown does not have to destroy anyone’s life.

We understand that disputes concerning children are necessarily distressing.  Our advice is designed to minimise upheaval and disruption and will always ensure that the child’s welfare is the primary consideration.

In many cases, the arrangements for children, whether in the context of marriage or outside it, can be handled amicably either between the parties or by timely negotiation between the lawyers. When disputes over children arise, they can be one of the most destructive aspects of divorce or relationship breakdown, and it is vital to handle them sensitively.

The interests of the children are paramount in English law. Constructive negotiation should be focused around that premise. The client has to be prepared for court welfare reports and for sworn statements to be made by third parties about their competence as parents. This can be very worrying, and requires calm, sensible handling by the lawyer. Both parties need to be assisted to think creatively about how to work things out in a way which gives everyone, especially the children, what they need in terms of relationship, a home, financial support, care and contact. Failing agreement, we take cases forward to court with carefully targeted evidence and considered argument.

When particular points are disputed, such as schooling, religion, name changes, foreign travel, contact with new partners, etc, a lawyer must be ready to help the client to achieve a sensible, practical solution, through negotiation or through the courts.

Successful arrangements for children will result in a good balance of quality care for the children with the right people, and minimal emotional damage. In even the bitterest divorces, parents can cooperate with their former partners to put the children’s welfare first and spare them a lot of the heartache.

We are geared to facilitate an amicable agreement that works for all parties involved but most importantly the child(ren).

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