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Insolvency & Debt Restructuring

Kobalt Law LLP provides assistance in the restructuring of debt & business “turn around” solutions, which we pursue, before taking clients down an Insolvency route, which may include Individual, Company & Partnership, Voluntary Arrangements & Administration procedures at best, to Winding up and Bankruptcy at worst.

We work with qualified Insolvency Practitioners to provide quick, practical and tailor made advice and assistance, so that our clients can close this negative chapter of their life and move on to a prosperous and profiable future.

If prospective clients come to seek advice from Kobalt Law LLP early enough in their plight, we can usually mediate a solution, satisfactory to both the Debtor and the Creditors.

We also represent Insolvency Practitioners in the recovery of foreign debts on behalf of companies and Individuals owed money by foreign debtors.