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Costs Information

Costs and Charges Information for our Fee Earners

Kobalt Law LLP charges fixed fees for most of its legal services, so clients know how much to budget for from the outset. In cases where we cannot do so then we give clients an estimate which is re-evaluated every few months, especially in the case of litigation matters or matters where fixed fees cannot apply.

Disbursements, in so far as they are known, are set out in the client care letter sent to you, the client, before you sign the client care letter, so you can read them and approve them.

For international conveyancing, probate, litigation or similar matters, Kobalt Law LLP does not charge VAT and hourly charge out rates only come into effect, in cases where the matter does not complete or is an abortive matter.

In such a case, the total fee chargeable is never more than the original fixed fee quoted in the client care letter, signed by the client.

In this case our hourly charge out rates of £ 350 for foreign qualified lawyers and solicitors or £450 for Partners, will be applied.

The hourly charge out rate, fixed fee [ which will vary dependent on the purchase price of the property] and seniority of the fee earner are also set out clearly in the client care letter, which is sent to you, the client.

For English conveyancing matters, fixed fees are quoted, with VAT and disbursements being payable.

The hourly charge out rate is £ 350 for Solicitors and £ 450 per hour for Partners. Disbursements are clearly set out in the client care letter, that we send you, before you sign it and vary in each case so disbursements cannot be set out here.

For further information on any of the matters described above, please email our general enquiries section at info@kobaltlaw.co.uk.