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Kobalt Law LLP is a specialist English & International Law Firm.

Comprised of a dedicated team of specialist English & International lawyers & Notary Public, Kobalt Law LLP assures quick response times, regular updates & impartial professional advice.
Kobalt Law LLP is regulated by the Law Society of England & Wales & the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

English Law

Finding the right solicitor to fulfil your legal requirements is always half the battle. At Kobalt Law LLP we provide legal advice, ranging from Residential / Commercial Conveyancing, General Commercial Law, Litigation & Family Law, Insolvency, Wills & Probate.

International Law

Kobalt Law LLP provides clients with a full suite of international law services. If you are buying foreign property or property abroad, you will require a foreign property lawyer. Our team of foreign property lawyers will help you through the maze of pitfalls .

Notarial Services

Notaries make your documents acceptable abroad. Notaries are specialist lawyers who prepare, authenticate and keep records of the due execution of legal documents, often used in foreign countries, such as powers of attorney.

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